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BesPhoto Fine Art Copy Service - click for pdf


Would you like to sell Giclée prints of your paintings?

Would you like a copy of your artwork for your web site?

Do you copy your paintings for your records prior to selling?

Would you like a print of yours copied?

I will copy your artwork using professional lighting and digital capture equipment along with the expertise I have acquired to make that copy as close to the original as possible.


I will work with you to copy your artwork in the style you request. This process will involve:

1. discuss your needs

2. copy

3. color correct

4. print a sample

5. modify per your input

6. create a second sample if necessary


I use standardized color calibration targets to ensure color matching. The final product can be a Photoshop file or tiff file as well as large and/or small jpg files all emailed or written to thumb drive.


I will print one 8"x10" photo paper print as part of this service to show the quality of the copy. I will be able to print up to the original size from the copy I create.  In many instances you will be able to print larger than the original.


You can then use the provided files on your web site to help sell your work.  You can also use the copy to have prints made here at BesPhoto (see Professional Large Format Printing for prices) or elsewhere. I will keep your files backed up to make the ordering of Giclée prints as easy as possible.  The provided files can also be used to create digital slides of your artwork for jury or presentation purposes.


The copying price is $100 for two dimensional artwork up to 30"x40" delivered to me for the copying process and then picked up. I will come to your site within 20 miles of Naperville, IL to do the copying for an additional $100.


These are some things to look out for when copying your artwork:.


If your artwork has reflecting highlights, the copy will need extra work to show the highlight without losing the color.  Metallic gold paint, for example, often exhibits this symptom. I will work with you to get the proper balance of color and highlights.


Multi-dimensional and highly textured artwork can also be a challenge to copy correctly. Unless requested not to, I copy artwork using the same lighting style used in art galleries. In order to show this type of work to its best advantage, it is necessary to create shadowing during the copy process. Since I use a flexible lighting system, I can create the shadows you need.