Photography Jackson Hole, WY

Photo Restoration

Send me your problem photos and I will scan them and restore them to original or better condition.   I will correct the color and contrast in the photo.  The vast majority of restoration projects involve a photo that has faded in the frame over time and may have a few minor problem areas that need restoring.  The fee I charge to estimate the complete job is $30.  I usually can do this restoration in the minimum time of 30 minutes for $30.  If it will be more, I will contact you for your approval.  I will then give you a high quality file back, or, if you prefer, I can print the restored image.

Here is an example of complex editing.  I removed the braces from the young man.  I also removed the dark t-shirt that looked like a shadow above his tie.  I then closed up the neck line a little.  I also straightened out his blue shirt collar on his left side (right side of image). This all took approximately one hour.  Roll your mouse over the image to see the changes.

Here's an example of a more complex restoration.  The image was inadvertently thrown out in the recycling bin before a rainstorm.  There were many problems: one side of the woman's head is missing, part of the arm of the man’s patterned jacket is missing, and the fence is ruined.  I reconstructed all of these problem areas as well as the background.  This restoration took 2 hours.  Roll your mouse over the image to see the changes.