Photography Jackson Hole, WY

BesPhoto Workshop Preparation

You can download a pdf version of this information by clicking on this text: BesPhoto Workshop Preparation.pdf

We suggest that you get in some practice with your camera and other related gear and software prior to the workshop.  Get that camera manual back out of the desk drawer and review features and usage. Think about the types of images you would like to concentrate on.  Think about image storage and battery life requirements. 

What to bring:

camera, film or digital - digital will have the added feature of being easier to critique at the workshop.  I may have an extra for you to use, contact me ahead of time.

camera manual - Find your camera manual and read it cover to cover.  You may find features you have never used, but would be useful.  Bring your camera manual to the workshop!  In fact leave the manual in your camera bag.  We've used most kinds of cameras, but sometimes the manual is necessary.  It's a good practice for you to use your manual.  I usually download one from the manufacturer so I can do a computer search.

tripod - ALWAYS use a tripod if possible!  There may be a few extra tripods available to borrow at the workshop.

cable release - ALWAYS use a cable release if possible!  Most camera's have the alternate cable release built in.  It’s called the self timer.  Set the camera on the tripod and press the shutter, after 2 to 10 seconds, depending, the camera captures the image automatically.  Many newer cameras have a wireless release.

film - digital - bring lots of storage.  Bring the ability to take 200-400 shots in the field.

batteries - very important to have the capacity to take 200-400 shots in the field.  Bring an extra battery pack or set of batteries.

image storage - digital film, compact flash, smart media, ... storage requires additional thinking.  Digital media is reusable, but the images must be copied to a storage device before reuse.  A laptop is a good storage device, be sure to bring the camera connection or storage reader and EXTRA BATTERIES and make sure it all works ahead of time.  Digital film is getting cheaper every day, an additional 8-32 gig card can be very useful when out in the field.  I personally have many cards of varying capacity, right now my biggest is 32 gig.  This is especially important at this workshop as we will be shooting all afternoon and staying there for dinner and then shooting the sunset.

lenses - some people like very wide angle lenses while others prefer less, you be the judge.  We will discuss this in the workshop while we are shooting.

camera bag - I use a backpack with a small internal frame and a complete rain cover.

flashlight - enough said, maybe not.  Remember we are shooting sunset, weather permitting (it always have so far, so we will be leaving the actual Starved Rock in the dark.

rain gear - if you don't bring it, then it will rain.  umbrella - same thing

Hiking boots

water - for our hiking

lens sun shade - if your camera or lens has one find it and put it on.

It gets cooler at sunset, so bring a jacket to sunset

All students are invited to send in their best image or two to be posted on my picasa with images of the participants.