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BesPhoto Starved Rock Workshops - Registration

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Call for a custom workshop at Starved Rock or a local location.

Are you interested in Photography?  Do you want to learn more about your camera and its capabilities?  Are you ready to create more interesting photos?  If so, then this workshop is for you.  We will cover camera operation, photographic theory, and composition. We will hike the trails of Starved Rock and practice as we learn.  There will be ample time for instruction on how to use your specific camera and to answer questions you may have.  We welcome all types of cameras and photographers, point-and-shoot to SLR, and beginner to advanced, so don't be shy.  We will top off the day with a shoot of the spectacular sunset (weather permitting, we've been lucky so far).  We'll do all of this in the beautiful setting of Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL.

Your cost is a donation to your favorite charity, I used to charge $104 per person, but you donate however much you choose. For more information contact Mike Bessler at 630-667-5174 or

BesPhoto has been doing photography workshops at Starved Rock State Park since 2003.

Only the first 15 participants plus the first 5 from past BesPhoto Starved Rock Photography Workshops will be registered.

To register online and to digitally sign the release form, please fill out the information below and click on Submit.

If you do not sign up online, Your donation charity, the release form, and the registration form must be received to hold your seat in the workshop.  The registration and release form can be filled out and emailed, faxed or mailed; see the Contact page

We will meet at the Starved Rock Visitors Center just inside near the cafeteria .

At lunch and dinner times, when appropriate, we will drive to the cafeteria at Starved Rock Visitors Center where we will discuss the past sessions and answer questions.  You are on your own for lunch and dinner.

After dinner - weather permitting - Sunset shooting ON Starved Rock - The lock and dam are also good candidates for night shooting (with a tripod).  In the past the birds put on a show as they flew in front of the rising moon after sunset.